So let me tell you a bit about myself… My name is Sean Anderson and over the last 8 years I’ve been lucky enough to discover and profit from some of the most effective trading strategies on the planet.

Put simply, these strategies have helped me – and many other ordinary people – to make a LOT of money. In fact, my flagship trading system has proven to regularly grow trading accounts by 25%-45% per month – tax free!

The good news is, you don’t need to be some financial whizz or mathematical genius to make money trading the markets.

The truth is, ANYONE can do this. And I can PROVE it to you.

In fact, you’ll notice that this page is full of case studies and results, not only from myself but also from my students, many of whom now make a full-time income, working from home, using the principles I’ve taught them.

So let me ask you a question…


Can you imagine making between £1,000.00 and £10,000.00 each month, tax free, trading in as little as 30 minutes a day from the comfort of your own home?


And more importantly…

Do you believe it’s possible?

Because in order for this to work you’ll need to carefully follow my instructions, and TRUST in the system I’m giving you 100%.

If you do that, I guarantee you’ll see a substantial return on your investment.

But I understand you may be a little skeptical…


So right here on this page I’ll show you rock-solid PROOF that this system works. I’ll show you numerous real-life examples of how myself and my students have used my methods to bank BIG profits.

Have you ever wondered how some trading “gurus” seem to be able to magically predict the future? It’s almost like they KNOW what the markets are going to do BEFORE a move happens.

And consequently, they place winning trades time and time again.

Well, guess what?

They’re not just getting lucky!


These guys know with almost 100% certainty what’s going to happen in the markets BEFORE anyone else. That includes the financial journalists, news reporters, and even slick city stockbrokers!




It’s quite simple really. They watch what the BIG players in the market are doing – and then COPY THEM!

Imagine for a minute you wanted to become the world’s best golfer. You’d probably want to copy someone like Tiger Woods, right? (of course, you may not want to copy everything he does, but I think you get my point!)

If you could copy everything Tiger does when he plays golf, down to the most precise detail, can we agree that you’d become a pretty good golfer pretty fast?

Well, trading the markets is no different. In order to win, we simply copy the world’s top traders. These are people who are investing MILLIONS of pounds at a time.


So here’s where it gets really interesting…


If someone invests a large sum of money (I’m talking millions here) in a commodity – let’s take cotton as a random example – then guess what happens?


Yep, you guessed it. The price of cotton increases.

So what if you knew when these million-pound trades were going to be placed? And what if you had that information BEFORE the trade happened?

What I mean here is that you could predict when and where the big players are getting in.

Can we agree… that kind of insider knowledge would be pretty valuable…yes?

With this knowledge you’re WAY ahead of the game!

You have a MASSIVE advantage over the other 95% of losing traders who are being encouraged to take positions in the WRONG places.

You see, they’re placing trades when the “big boys” are just about to do the complete opposite (which is a common rookie mistake!)

They fall into the psychological trap by following traditional methods found in many of the “old-fashioned” training courses and cheap ebooks, and consequently the BIG BOYS take out the minnows and make an easy killing.

Over the last 8 years I’ve been using my special “insider knowledge” along with a unique combination of high-level indicators (including the “secret code” I’m about to share with you) and have now perfected it to ‘READ’ what the BIG BOYS are doing so you can do what they do, when they do it (instead of getting caught lagging behind).

Now, I understand that this may all sound a little complicated. But it really isn’t.

Put simply, all I really do is place ‘bets’ on which way the markets will move.

If they move my way, I make A LOT of money.

If they move against me, I lose a little money.

Needless to say I am making a very decent living by being right far more often than I am wrong.

  • I DON’T have to stare at boring charts for hours on end
  • I DON’T have to conduct extensive technical economic research
  • I DON’T have to sit and watch the markets all day long

Over the last few months I’ve received many emails from frustrated traders asking me to develop a programme where they could not only learn HOW to trade using my methods, but also provides PERSONAL SUPPORT and GUIDANCE along the way.

You see, there are far too many courses out there TEACHING “how to make money trading the markets” – but the problem is – once the course is finished, you’re on your own.

There’s no-one to answer your questions, and there’s no-one for you to “check-in” with to make sure you’re doing everything right.

Consequently, many people in the UK are paying upwards of £2,000 for a 2-day course to learn the “system”, but once the course has finished they’re left to hopelessly fend for themselves.

More often that not they leave confused, overwhelmed, and unable to implement the systems they’ve learned and get a return on their £2,000+ investment.


So what I’m offering you today is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.


The programme I’m about to share with you delivers the “how to” but ALSO (more importantly) gives you day-to-day guidance once you’ve learned the basics to help you get started and making a profit as soon as physically possible.


I’ll also give you access to my unique software so you can see exactly when and when not to place a trade.


This brand new, breakthrough trading programme is called:

When I first created this system at the end of 2010, I had a strong feeling that it could be a real game-changer when it comes to trading.

And I was right.

As you’ll see in the text below and this video, the RESULTS this system has achieved have been staggering.

This is a screenshot from one of my student’s trading accounts… they managed an impressive 19 wins out of 24 trades using the Trinity Code

…And here’s another showing 11 out of 13 winning trades!

However, before I could publish the system, I had to be sure that:


a)     It would work consistently; and

b)    ANYONE could use it (i.e. both seasoned traders and beginners)


So back in January I set about testing it with small group.

I told them I’d created a new indicator and that shared the test stats I’ve just shared with you, demonstrating 19 wins out of 24, 11 wins out of 13, and a massive 900-point gain over 3 days.

I said that if they paid my day rate (£3,495 per day) I would sit down, one-to-one, and show them everything they needed to know in order to use the new indicator I’d developed.

I was amazed when two of them said YES!

I mean, at this point, the system wasn’t exactly proven. Yes, it had won a few times in a row, but that was it.




They came to my office and I explained everything. I showed them how to use the new system I’d developed for long-term trading, swing trading and day trading.

I taught them all about my new TCI (Trinity Code Indicator), which tracks when the “big players” are getting into the market, and I even let them sit there and watch as I placed trades myself using the system.

Then of course came the critical test…


Could they go away and use it themselves?


I wasn’t sure. I mean, it’s easy for ME to use it – I’m an experienced trader – but the question was… could two COMPLETE NEWBIES with no forex trading experience whatsoever use this new “code” I’d created on their own?

I really shouldn’t have worried, because just 10 days later I got this email…

And then 2 days after that, another email came in:

I was convinced. I knew at that moment “The Trinity Code” was going to be BIG.

The next “test” was to see if the code could be taught and applied by a GROUP of people, without needing my one-to-one support.

So I decided to teach my new system in a workshop setting, for a maximum of 10 people.  The tickets to attend were £1,495 each and we sold out within a couple of days.

The feedback was phenomenal, but STILL I was uncertain that after attending the workshop these people would actually USE the stuff I’d taught them and – more importantly – make money from my system.

Once again, I needn’t have worried, because pretty quickly my inbox was flooded with emails like this: (you can see many more emails further down the page)


So let me ask you a question.


Do you think you’d be able to trade successfully and make money?

I should think so!

Anyone with a reasonable degree of intelligence can do this. All you have to do is follow my simple instructions.

I originally devised The Trinity Code to for the end of day trader and long-term trader, but more recently we’ve made adjustments to enable the same system to be used as an intraday (or day trading) system too.

The Trinity Code is now essentially 3 systems in one.


It covers:


Long Term Trading means you place your trades at 10pm GMT, and they last between 1-3 weeks. This is a low-rish strategy, with the average risk/reward ratio for these type of trades at 1:10.


Swing Trading is similar, in that it’s an “end of day” system (so you place your trades at 10pm GMT) The difference is that you trade over a 1-3 DAY period, and the average risk/reward is 1:3.


Day Trading which combined with the Trinity Code indicator, will give the user 100% confidence in market direction, meaning you can place trades with no fear!

IMPORTANT: If you’re new to trading and this is starting to sound a little confusing… RELAX!

As I’ve already mentioned, ANYONE can do this.

All you’ll need to do is learn the basics (which of course I’ll help you with) and the follow the simple instructions I send you.


Now, I’ve haven’t actually mentioned it, but the specific markets you’ll be applying this to are forex (or foreign exchange) market and some commodities such as oil, gold & silver.

Chances are you’ve heard of forex, but if not… what you’re looking at here is “spread betting” the movements in price between different currencies.

So… say the price of the US Dollar goes up 400 points against the Euro and you’ve placed a spread bet at £5 a point… you get 400 times £5…

Yes… just one move like that could bank you £2,000!

It really is as easy as it sounds.


So here’s why I’m writing to you today…

I’d like to invite you to become one of my private students and get exclusive access to The Trinity Code.

Obviously, I can’t tell everyone about this new system. If I did it would become less effective and effect the ‘fills’ we are able to get at specific prices. So I’ve decided to place a strict cap on the number of people I let in.

1. “The Trinity Code” DVD set and Data Disk

To get you started as quickly as possible, I’ll send you my “Introduction to The Trinity Code” DVD set so you can get up and running FAST – no matter what your level of trading experience.

Here’s what’s included in this DVD set:

DVD 1: Trinity Code Overview and Chart Patterns

  • How to make financial gains by understanding how human interaction affects price.

  • How to read charts and profit from tradeable “candlesticks”
  • Understanding “Daily Pivot Points” to predict buy and sell zones up to 24 hours in advance (this is how the floor traders place their orders)

  • How to use “support & Resistance”… “Bollinger bands”… THREE different indicators (including our proprietary “TCI”) …And much more.

  • Bollinger bands: How to know when NOT TO TRADE (this will save you a TON of money in losses)

DVD 2: Indicators

Stochastics: How to get the most out of this key indicator (this is the same indicator used by savvy traders to get in early to maximize their profits.

EMA’s: Regardless of what trade method you’re using, you’ll need this indicator to identify “power trend” moves, meaning you can place profitable trades again and again.

TCI: Our propriety indicator will show you the exact places to enter and exit, as where to take profit on high profitability candles. It also doubles up as a “momentum indicator” keeping you in the profitable trades whilst avoiding the choppy markets where novices usually fall down.

DVD 3: The Three Applications of The Trinity Code

LONG TERM TRADING: How to place long-term, lower risk trades (perfect for the occasional or part-time trader
SWING TRADING: How to place 1-3 day trades with medium risk (this approach is perfect for the regular trader
DAY TRADING: How to place higher-risk, high profit trades (you really need to be trading full-time to use this strategy to it’s fullest potential

PLUS you also get a DATA DISK, which includes:

  • The “Trinity Code” Quick-Start Software Auto installer, and;
  • The entire Trinity Code Course in pdf format


2. The Trinity Code Indicator

This indicator is completely unique, and shows you EXACTLY where to enter, how to protect your capital, and where to exit to maximise profit from your trades at the end of the day.

Not only that, if you are Day trading then you get given a REAL-TIME WARNING to check your charts and get yourself ready to strike as a high-probability trade is just around the corner.

  • Proven to get 87% accuracy on the current direction of the market
  • See clear entry and stop loss points, as well as target price for swing trades
  • Unique access to broker spreads and market orders to help you enter trades at the same time as the big players

And the best part is… once you’ve learned the systems, you’re not just left to fend for yourself!

Because I’ve developed THREE unique ways for you to get consistent support and guidance from myself and my team…


3. VIP Entry To My Exclusive Members Area

I’ve created a private members area exclusively for my students, where each week I post a trade report to summarise the activity of the previous 5 days.

This includes screen capture videos, images, and detailed notes explaining WHY I placed the trades I did.

The Exclusive Members Area gives you the ability to check back on the trades I placed, see when I placed them, and monitor the results I got so YOU can replicate these results for yourself.


4. Your Personal Alarm System

Each day you’ll receive REAL-TIME updates via my ‘Private Invitation Only’ Twitter account with & SMS (text message) forwarding, giving you daily trade opportunities that you can act upon and profit from immediately.


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT some “signal service” where you just follow my instruction.


Yes, I’ll give you plenty of support, but I want you to become a completely independent trader, so you can make profit for yourself on an ongoing basis.

It’s no good if I just give you all the signals. That would completely defeat the object of this programme.

However, I also realise that to begin with you may be a little uncertain, and so for that reason I’ll also be posting daily alerts in my private twitter account (which you’ll have access to) so you can make sure you’re on the right track.

This means ANY trader can see how and when to get in and where to exit, regardless of your experience or expertise. Once you’ve studied the Trinity Code DVDs, you will be able to apply this knowledge immediately.

Let me show you a REAL example of the “alarm system” in action:


5. Monthly LIVE Q & A Webinar

As well as access to the members area and your personal alarm system, you’ll also have the chance to PERSONALLY ask me any questions you may have on our monthly live webinar.

On this webinar (exclusive to Trinity Code students) I’ll be reviewing the last 4 week’s trading activity and also giving feedback on the specific trades you’ve placed.


Do you realise what this means?


You’re essentially getting the exact same 1-2-1 support that my private students (who paid £3,495 each) got – but for a tiny fraction of that price!

As you’ve probably already gathered, this really is the most accurate trade method ever developed. It will allow you to have complete financial independence as a trader for the rest of your life.

The beauty of The Trinity Code is that it not only works on forex but can be applied to trade commodities such as gold, oil and silver.


By now I’m sure you realise that this WORKS.

I’ve tested The Trinity Code with people from every walk of life, from beginners and advanced traders, and the results speak for themselves.

One of my students was EIGHTY YEARS OLD – and he made it work!

So there really is no reason why you couldn’t too.

And remember, I’m giving you everything you need to get started immediately, as well as ongoing personal support through my exclusive members area, monthly webinars, private twitter account with SMS alerts.


I’m sure if you’ve read this far, the only thing you really want to know is:


How much is it going to cost?


And that’s a valid question. Before you decide to go ahead, I understand you need to know for sure that your return is going to be far greater than your investment.

Well, the good news is that “The Trinity Code” system is available to you at a surprisingly affordable price.

Remember, I’m not some professional city-trader. I’m just a normal guy who wants to share this system with you so you too can enjoy the same results I have.

It’s really important to me that other “ordinary” people like me can get access to – and enjoy the benefits of – this information.


Now, before I tell you the price please remember students paid £3,495 for me to sit down and teach them the exact same system you’re getting.

But the good news is, you won’t have to pay £3,495 to get The Trinity Code.

In fact, you won’t even need to pay HALF that.


Because today you can get your hands on The Trinity Code for just £1,495.00.

That’s the exact same amount that the 10 people paid to attend the live workshop, and they didn’t get access to the members area or the daily text alerts.

For that, you get the Trinity Code DVD set, as well as unrestricted access to:


  • The Trinity Code Indicator
  • The Exclusive Members Area
  • And… “Look over my shoulder” alerts



There’s no monthly or annual subscription, and no additional or hidden costs whatsoever.

If you think The Trinity Code is for you, then you’ll want to take action right now, because I’ve decided to let the first 100 people who order this course have it for:

That’s 50% off the normal price, meaning you have an extra £700 in your pocket to invest when you start trading!

Alternatively you can choose to pay £425 now and make a second payment of £425 in 30 days time.

And if you’re one of the FIRST 50 PEOPLE to join you’ll also get the “Introduction To Forex” DVD set (worth £395)…


I’m absolutely certain you’ll LOVE this method of trading.

In fact…

To place your order, all you need to do is click on the button below. Then you’ll be redirected to our secure payment page where you can place your order. You’ll be given INSTANT ACCESS to the members area, and your Introduction to FX and  the Trinity Code DVD sets will be posted out to you within 48 hours.


Remember – only the first 100 orders will get the discounted price of £795, so be sure to place your order TODAY.


To your trading success,

Sean Anderson

P.S. You can try The Trinity Code for 30 days completely RISK FREE. If you study the Trinity Code DVD set fully, and implement the strategies exactly as I show you via our private alert service, and you don’t get a positive return on your investment within 30 days, just let me know and I’ll send you a cheque for a full refund – no questions asked! Click on the button below this video to place your order now.